Kingfisher is the largest home improvement retailer in Europe with nearly 1300 stores in 10 countries and is currently going through a transformation plan in order to unify the company and make home improvement accessible to everyone.

Decision Space

Customers are often overwhelmed by the number of items available, they are not sure what product would best suit their needs, and technical specs might not mean much to them. To help them make sure they pick the right product, we created Decision Space, a Series of contextual questions created by subject matter experts, that filter down the number of items based on answers in real time.

Augmented Reality

One other issue faced by customers is visualisation. Will this product fit in my space? Will it go with my existing furniture? With AR being made accessible to millions thanks to Apple ARKit, we can start to solve these questions, help customers make the right choice, avoid disappointments and returns, with a fun and interactive experience.

AR technology is very new, not yet mature and people are not used to it. How we design for it and how we make sure it is easy to use for first time users, is still being explored. This new feature forced me to think in a different way, in a 3 dimensional world, and outside of the traditional 2D interactions. I also had to get familiar with 3D objects and properties.

Testing showed us that people defaulted to familiar interactions, pinch to zoom, swiping and standing still instead of moving around. Behavior will change over time but extra guidance is needed for first time experience.

Placing an object was the most challenging task as the system needs to scan the space to then apply the AR. A combination of messaging and animation helps users move around in order to scan the room.

This project also allowed me to have a first go at 3D modeling. I received the models from a 3D artist and then I would check colour, size, texture and make changes if needed.

Design System

I've been asked to start the creation of a design system that would be used by all the different teams across digital. A lot of different teams started to create their own set of components and therefore inconsistency began to appear. I decided to start very small and only create a library of components and patterns, starting with the basics and adding to it over time. The work also involves getting everyone on board, participating in the creation of the system and also using it.


A new social messaging app.